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Human Capital Management

human-capitalKEREX wishes to partner with your organization to provide you with a manpower recruitment, training and management solution in effectively screening, selecting and managing the most suitable candidates for your current and upcoming  job openings. A solution aimed at relieving your good selves the burden of handling the delicate matters associated with human resource management (from hiring to firing etc) thereby enabling your management to focus on your core business values. Suffice it to say that the solutions we provide span across all the disciplines associated with the Oil and Gas Sector.


Yes, ‘any’ labor service provider may ‘manage’ your valued staff but these are some reasons why Kerex is your best choice:

  • Up to Date Registration with Relevant Statutory & Government Bodies:
    Kerex is registered with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and Ministry of Labor as licensed Labor Providers and Recruiters, we also have a current Recruiters License and an up to date registration with NIPEX (Nigerian Petroleum Exchange). Our registration however with CMD: Centre of Management Development is  currently in view for our training facility.
  • Prompt Salary Payment: unless specified otherwise by a client and for very good cause, payments are made on or before 28th of every month into staff accounts. Kerex has also been known to ensure prompt salary payment even in the unlikely instance where a client meets with unforeseen financial challenges. As business partners, we bear such challenges with our clients.
  • Prompt PAYE Administration and Remittance: Section 80 of PITA New PAYE filing requirement: It is mandatory for employers of labor to file returns of their employees not later than 31 January of every year; showing all the emoluments paid to its employees in the preceding year. With Kerex, you and your “workforce” will be on the right side of the law as regards Personal Income Tax.
  • Pension Fund Administration: The Pension Reform Act of 2004 mandates employees with over 5 workers to ensure that the employees receive a total of 15% of Basic, Housing and Transport as pensions, we make boast of commendations from Pension Fund Administrators and current employees on our timely and effective remittance of employees Pension.
  •  Group Life Assurance: Section 9 (3) of the Pension Reform Act states that every employer must “maintain life insurance policy in favor of the employee for a minimum of three times the annual total emolument of the employee”. We at Kerex encourage this heartily. With us as your business partners, we ensure you as an employer are on the right side of law.
  •  Health Scheme: Robust medical scheme in any hospital of staffs choice within our scheme and closest to him/her for staff, spouse and 4 dependants below the age of 18.
  •  Robust Welfare Packages including staff loans, assistance in staff personal family occasions (such as wedding of staff and burial of immediate family members), Christmas packages and such like. We encourage and pay staff welfare benefits that are not only mandated by the Nigerian labor law and beyond but we know are needful to keep staff motivated and happy.
  •  Tried and Tested for over 10 years; Companies like Baker Hughes and Oando Energy Services to mention but a few who have discovered the treasure in Kerex have retained our services for as long as we have become business partners.
  •  Extensive Experience in Management of Rig (off shore ) and off base workers: Crew change management which include but not limited to logistics management, hotel accommodation administration for staff not living in the clients city of operation etc from Rig Managers to Drillers, from derrick men to roustabouts, from teachers to brewers. You have staff in many locations? Not a problem!
  •  Human Resource Information System: Staff may be managed by a HRIS system that includes a staff email account, database of Code of conducts for Kerex and Clients specific relevant policies and a Performance appraisal system amongst others depending on clients’ preference.
  •  Performance Management System: Depending on the clients’ peculiar needs and requirements, we conduct at the minimum, annual performance appraisal for our staff. It comes with a rewards system too.
  •  Training: In order to close up competency gaps without hampering business operations, in-plant trainings are organized for Kerex staff at least twice a year in conjunction with clients’ recommendations or user department.
  • Safety: Safety, as we know is the watchword for any serious minded organization whether in the oil and gas industry, construction or what have you, and Kerex is no exception.
    At Kerex, Safety is a condition of service. Hence our practically ‘clean’ safety record in the past 12years.
  •  Value Added Services: Our team includes seasoned lawyers, HR Professionals and staff vastly experienced in community affairs and liaison. We can aid your good selves in industrial conflict resolution or such like should the need ever arise at little or practically no costs. Provision of expert legal advice on litigation matters involving various branches of law like petroleum law and practice, which includes claims for compensation and causes arising therein, labor law cases, master – servant, contracts, debt recovery, banking and banker/customer relationship matters , local and international finance Agreements, our team of lawyers can also aid you in the procurement of various business licenses for local and international clients who wish to do business in Nigeria; processing several Federal and State government consent to legal documentation involving land matters and in obtaining approvals and processed registrations of business interest, legal estates and intellectual property amongst others.

Did we mention that you will have professional HR advice on all things HR. at little or no costs?
In other words, we’ve got your backs on these fronts too.

Need we say more?