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What We Do

hrKerex Limited offers a wide range of services to the Oil and Gas industry.
Some of these services include the following:

  • Human Capital Management
    Labour Management: Do I really need one?
    In time past, companies struggled with catering for all their staff needs in order to keep them motivated while juggling their core businesses. Of course, as the business grows and staff strengths increase, the ease of juggling these two very essential and key parts of the organization can prove to be difficult for any HR department or “admin department”.

Hence, smarter organizations seek the use of Labor Service Providers whose core business is managing the very delicate and requisite needs of the growing staff.
This way, the company can handle effectively the welfare and attendant needs of a few core staff (if need be) while the Labor Service providers manage all other staff. The Results? A well motivated staff on one hand and lower operational costs (staff costs) on the other hand.
In addition, Labor Administration has grown more versatile and come under stricter government regulations over the years with the introduction of some compulsory statutory acts, such as PAYE (under the income Tax Act 2004 and further amendments in 2011), Pension and Group Life Compensation all under the Pension act Reform of 2004. Section 52 of the PITA 2011 introduces stiffer criminal penalties for non-compliance. Penalty for late filing of returns is now N500, 000 for corporate bodies and N50, 000 for individuals.

As a multinational or and limited liability company registered in Nigeria, you definitely need to be on the right side of the Law; needless to mention your growing business concerns. Are your admin department/ HR staff still able to cope very well with the growing needs of your staff in all your locations?
If you want to do it right, think KEREX as your Human Resources partner.

  • Recruitment
    At KEREX we believe that People are our most valuable asset. Our policies showcase these beliefs and  values from the selection process to the retirement or termination process. Indeed, our high staff retention rate proudly attests to this.
    With Team Kerex, you’re in safe hands! .
  • Training
    Kerex Handles/Assists trainings in the following ways:

Kerex Courses
In-Plant/Client Location
KEREX can handle in-plant training sessions or in a designated  convenient venue
KEREX Location: Port Harcourt

KEREX can arrange  for Local training with some  recognized training Centers in Nigeria for clients’ staff.

KEREX can arrange International trainings  with  International Training Centers for clients’ staff

  • Industrial Conflict Resolution Consultancy
    Our team includes seasoned lawyers, HR Professionals and staff vastly experienced in community affairs and liaison.
    We can aid your good selves in industrial conflict resolution or such like should the need ever arise at little or practically no costs. Provision of expert legal advice on litigation matters involving various branches of law like petroleum law and practice, which includes claims for compensation and causes arising therein, labor law cases, master – servant, contracts, debt recovery, banking and banker/customer relationship matters , local and international finance Agreements, our team of lawyers can also aid you in the procurement of various business licenses for local and international clients who wish to do business in Nigeria; processing several Federal and State government consent to legal documentation involving land matters and in obtaining approvals and processed registrations of business interest, legal estates and intellectual property amongst others.

how we do